Welcome Campit Campit Equipment Rental in a Digital World

Campit is a UAE-based company, founded in 2020, which offers equipment for purchasing and renting. Over the past year, the founder and soul of Campit is running his passion with this brand by providing camping equipment and sharing the bespoke and unforgettable Saharan desert experiences.

Campit has experienced considerable growth in its online business. However, through the development of modern technologies, Coderzhub has designed and created a hassle-free website for all of Campit’s customers, through WordPress e-commerce development, which is fast and simple, has a huge variety of themes, gets updated easily, and the plugins assist in doing pretty much anything to the website. Campit desired to ensure that their online presence could deliver a digital experience of the desert.

Although the equipment is always available for customers to lease and purchase, the back-end operating of the website nonetheless guarantees that there is nothing out of stock, by sending the purchase/rent request directly to the admin in order that every customer is dealt with well and personally.

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