Brands At Door

Transforming Brands At Door – Elevating an Online Cosmetic Store with Shopify Expertise by CoderzHub

Client Overview

Brands At Door, a prominent online cosmetic store, recognized the need to create an exceptional e-commerce platform that not only reflected their brand ethos but also provided an engaging shopping experience for their customers. Collaborating with CoderzHub, an Official Shopify Partner, they aimed to develop a cutting-edge website to establish themselves as a premier destination for cosmetic enthusiasts.

Project Goals

E-commerce Transformation: Engage CoderzHub to design and develop a state-of-the-art e-commerce website on the Shopify platform for Brands At Door.
Enhanced User Experience: Implement advanced features and functionalities to create a seamless shopping journey, from product discovery to checkout.
Digital Marketing Amplification: Utilize CoderzHub's digital marketing expertise to increase online presence, drive traffic, and boost sales through strategic initiatives.


Property Listings: Displayed properties with various layout options, ensuring an attractive presentation of real estate to support the design process
Property Detail Pages: Customized property detail pages provided comprehensive information, multimedia elements, and interactive features to engage potential buyers.
Property Galleries and Media: Integrated image galleries, videos, and 360-degree virtual tours to provide an immersive property exploration experience.
Mortgage Calculator: Integrated a mortgage calculator for user convenience and financial planning.
Property Features: Displayed detailed property features and specifications for informed decision-making.

Shopify E-commerce Development: CoderzHub harnessed their Shopify proficiency to create a feature-rich website that met Brands At Door’s aspirations:

Engaging Visuals

Slideshows Sections: Incorporated dynamic video and image slideshows to captivate visitors and showcase products effectively.
Image Gallery: Designed customizable image galleries with a variety of styles, hover effects, and layouts to enhance product presentation.

Seamless Shopping Experience

Product Grid and Listing: Showcased products in versatile grid and listing formats, offering diverse viewing experiences to customers.
Product Tabs: Enabled multi-collection tabs for efficient browsing and product discovery.
Recently Viewed Products: Provided an intuitive way for customers to revisit previously viewed items.

Tailored Content

Custom Content Sections: Crafted customized content sections with unique layouts to communicate the brand's story and policies effectively.
Custom Product Layouts: Designed templates with dynamic options to showcase different types of products, from simple to bundles.

Styling and Functionality

Typography and Fonts: Utilized Shopify fonts to create a consistent and visually appealing typography across the website.
Mega Menu and Mobile Menu: Developed unlimited mega menu options for seamless navigation, supported by a mobile-responsive menu.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Website Maintenance: CoderzHub took charge of ongoing website maintenance to ensure optimal performance and functionality.
SEO Optimization: Employed strategic SEO techniques to enhance search engine visibility and attract organic traffic.
Social Media Management: Managed and curated social media content to amplify brand presence and engagement.
Newsletter Popup and GDPR Compatibility: Implemented newsletter popups and ensured GDPR compliance for effective customer communication.


The collaborative efforts between Brands At Door and CoderzHub yielded exceptional outcomes:

Enhanced E-commerce Experience: Advanced features and user-friendly design led to improved user engagement and conversions.
Digital Footprint Growth: SEO optimization and strategic marketing initiatives resulted in increased online visibility and organic traffic.
Elevated Sales Performance: A seamless shopping journey translated to significant growth in online sales.
Strong Online Presence: Effective social media management and consistent communication fostered brand awareness and customer engagement.

Future Initiatives

Brands At Door plans to continue the partnership with CoderzHub, focusing on continuous optimization, introducing new products, and exploring innovative marketing strategies for sustained growth.


By leveraging CoderzHub’s Shopify expertise and digital marketing prowess, Brands At Door achieved not only a sophisticated e-commerce platform but also a powerful online presence. The comprehensive integration of advanced features and strategic marketing initiatives resulted in a significant boost in sales, customer engagement, and brand visibility. CoderzHub’s dedication to excellence has truly transformed Brands At Door into a premier destination for cosmetic enthusiasts in the online realm.